Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a membership fee?

There is a $5 membership fee, but it is not required! Being an official member simply gives you various perks such as access to our art supplies (copics, button maker, sticker machine, etc) and our mentor/mentee program. However, for the very first meeting, we will allow everyone to use our button maker! Should you need more time to decide, we accept the membership fee at any time during the year.

When is the mentor/mentee program typically available?

It is typically available early in Fall Quarter, around week 2.

Do I need to be a certain skill level to join?

Not at all! This club serves as a resource and casual place to meet fellow artists. For those who are interested, we also hope to host art tutorials occasionally throughout the year.

What events can I look forward to?

We plan various workshops every 1-2 weeks (making buttons, stickers, charms, etc) with at least one social per quarter. You can check our Events page for any specific events you may be interested in!

Will meetings be in person for the 2021-2022 school year?

Yes! Currently the plan is to have the regular in person meetings with a few game nights and other special events on the weekends through Discord!

Additional questions?

Email us at or send us a message on our Discord Server!

We'd love to hear from you! :)

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