Who we are: Fresh Productions (often known as "Fresh Produce") is a UCLA art club for artists of all levels! We offer workshops, drawing lessons, special art supplies, and more. Whether you're a traditional or digital artist, come join us to hang out, draw together, and make friends in a chill environment!

Where: Jamba Juice Lounge at Ackerman Union

When: Wednesdays 8-10PM

Our Officers

Micah Flores

Micah | Co-President

If she could, she would drown herself in her digital tablet and draw her comfort characters 24/7. When she's not drawing, she's either sleeping, FaceTiming friends to avoid her real-world responsibilities, writing stories no one will ever read, spending copious amounts of hours browsing through Twitter and Archive of our Own, and crying over her non-canon ships.

Jenny Li

Jenny | Co-President

She very much enjoys memes, art, and not coding. Drawing is fun but finishing drawings is not fun. Also a big weeb, no bulli her pls. Despite her appearance, she is in fact, (sadly) not a penguin.

Serena Jin

Serena | Co-President

Don’t be fooled by her plush-like state, as she is a really big kpop fan (stray kids! and exo). She has not been drawing for a long time, but she vows to get better at it… eventually...

Alexander Pak

Alex | Committee Member

He enjoys making all kinds of stuff! Whenever he remembers it takes him months to finish a piece, he keeps his hands busy with crafts like woodworking, 3-D modeling, or "trying" to build robots! You can also come say hi over at JAC, where he’s a frequent as well.

Kateleen Ganzon

Kateleen | Webmaster | Secretary

Kate mostly draws traditionally and sometimes finishes them digitally. Previously, she was the Aesthetics Coordinator for Samahang Pilipino's 42nd Cultural Night (SPCN). She enjoys cooking, eating, Studio Ghibli, Pokémon and K-pop (SHINee <3)!

Susan Liang

Susan | Publishing Officer

Susan loves playing city-building societal survival games and drawing OCs! Gummy bears are also something she very much enjoys eating! Most of the time she is either “planning” on journaling and drawing in her geography classes.