Who we are: Fresh Productions (often known as "Fresh Produce") is a UCLA art club for artists of all levels! We offer workshops, drawing lessons, special art supplies, and more. Whether you're a traditional or digital artist, come join us to hang out, draw together, and make friends in a chill environment!

Where: Ackerman Union 3508

When: Wednesdays 8-10PM

Our Officers

Alexander Pak

Alex | President

He enjoys making all kinds of stuff! Whenever he remembers it takes him months to finish a piece, he keeps his hands busy with crafts like woodworking, 3-D modeling, or "trying" to build robots! You can also come say hi over at JAC, where he’s a frequent as well.


Gary | Vice President

Gary is currently waist deep into the Vtuber rabbit hole. He enjoys drawing fanart digitally and doesn't have the slightest clue on how to draw guys. Recently, he got into pen-turning a while ago and made a fountain pen!


Killian | Treasurer

Killian likes reading webcomics and drawing, and has plans to someday make webcomics of his own. He usually spends his time playing games, drawing, and going down rabbit holes about random topics! His current obsession is minecraft and coding.


Eesha | Secretary

Eesha is a fourth-year bio major with a penchant for digital drawing and trawling the depths of the internet for meme history. When she's not scrolling Twitter, she also likes to read and (occasionally) write! Fun bit of trivia: she appeared on the quiz show Jeopardy in 2019 :))


Daniel | Publicity Officer

3rd year PoliSci Econ major whose only achievement in life is AR 60 in Genshin

Serena Song

Serena | Webmaster

Serena enjoys drawing fanart, even though she works at a snail's pace. Her number one priority is currently waifu bot, and she will often set timers to make sure she doesn't miss her rolls. She recommends watching King of Prism for a fun time!


Arnav | Social Media Outreach

Arnav likes to read and write stories and one day want to write a story and post it online. When he's not working on his stories, he likes to play video games, deal only the finest of memes, hang out with his dog and practice drawing. Arnav also likes to spend way too much browsing through Soulsborne and The Elder Scrolls lore.


Sienna | Social Media Outreach

Sienna enjoys a lot of anime, but their artwork tends to be mostly their dungeons and dragons OCs (that she claims to hate?) and ace attorney fanart (which she claims she is “normal about”) She can often be found on discord, unfortunately.


Derek | Committee Member

Derek is currently a second year Computer Science Major. He likes drawing fanart and playing rhythm games. Whether he is good at either is a different matter. In his free time he is working on improving his anatomy knowledge and pulling gacha.


June | Committee Member

June plays an assortment of games here and there including but not limited to Stardew and Terraria. Her favorite things to draw are typically anything techwear related. However she will always have a soft spot for drawing Akemi Homura.

Do you see me?

Emaad | Committee Member

Hi! I'm Emaad, a 2nd year CASB major dorming on the hill. I'm no artist, but I fell in love with the vibes of the club and so have stayed involved with FP all of my freshman year. Wednesdays are a highlight of my week, going to FP and talking to new friends, playing games together. I can't wait to continue with the club and help it grow even more.